Brik introduces a modern world of living. As a natural trend material, concrete forms a relaxed combination with solid heartwood oak in the warm colours of nature and tobacco.

The strong design characterises the uniqueness of the attractive living and dining room furniture. Masterful individual pieces stylishly shape every room. The interaction of the furniture creates a special architecture that consciously combines the trendy and natural attributes of sustainable materials.

Stylish, unique, robust and natural

Sustainable materials

Modern architecture


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A beautiful interaction

The manually-applied concrete achieves a unique tension and feel.

The mix with pristine heartwood oak and angular, massive wooden planks creates pieces of furniture with an impressive liveliness.

BRIK Suggested combination 24

Overall dimensions:
W 318 cm | H 196 cm | 49/7 cm

Standing element 8091 left:
W 93 cm | H 148 cm | D 39 cm

Side table 0374:
L 70 cm | W 70 cm | H 47 cm

Side table 0379:
L 70 cm | W 40 cm | H 47 cm

BRIK Suggested combination 28

Standing element 0091:
W 93 cm | H 207 cm | D 39 cm

Lowboard with a base podium 3172:
W 204 cm | H 64 cm | D 49 cm

Highboard 7111:
W 115 cm | H 146 cm | D 43 cm

Side table 0379:
L 70 cm | W 40 cm | H 47 cm

BRIK Suggested combination 22

Overall dimensions:
W 310 cm | H 200 cm | D 49/7 cm

2 x shelf element 0061:
W 58 cm | H 193 cm | D 30 cm

Coffee table 0308:
L 125 cm | W 63/70 cm | H 43 cm

Dining rooms

Lifestyle in the dining room

High-quality materials and flattering fabrics pay homage to the cosiness of the dining room. Pure quality of life and good taste.

Dining table 0319:
L 190 cm | W 95 cm | H 76 cm

2 x Armrest chair ANNI 0633

4 x Chair ANNI 0632

Suspended element 8041 left:
W 41 cm | H 161 cm | D 39 cm

Standelement 0092 right:
W 93 cm | H 207 cm | D 39 cm

Sideboard 5191 right:
W 197 cm | H 94 cm | D 47 cm

3 x Pendulum light 9911:
Dia. 7 cm | H 10 cm

Individual furniture

Gigantic beauties

Glass, light and oak heartwood generate a pleasant living atmosphere and make characteristic, individual pieces shine.

Sideboard 5191

W 197 cm | H 94 cm | D 47 cm

Standing element 0051 left and 0052 right

W 48 cm | H 212 cm | D 43 cm

Highboard 6181

W 157 cm | H 130 cm | D 47 cm

Oak heartwood & concrete

Our oak heartwood in the warm tones of nature and tobacco exclusively consists of heartwood planks from the trunk of the oak, as only this type of wood provides the desired, typical properties, such as heartwood splits and splay knots.

Oak heartwood is a traditional furniture wood. The oak becomes more yellow over the years. This is hardly noticeable because
the change happens so slowly.

Two layers of very matt UV water-based paint are applied to the intensively brushed wood. The surface is sanded down after every procedure. Wax is applied as the last layer.

The unique spatula technique creates an elegant and at he same time fascinating concrete look: the concrete is applied by hand in thin layers, and then sanded and varnished. This gives it its unique tension and pleasing tactile experience.



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