The emphasis is on design

Brik has a unique presence. Design meets quality and together, they lend the entrance area a commanding impression. The natural materials concrete and heartwood oak form high-quality individual pieces of furniture.

Their potential combinations are extraordinarily diverse and they suit the different requirements.

Stylish, unique, robust and natural

Sustainable materials

Modern architecture


Combination no. 102

The variable wall hooks, the free arrangement of the furniture and the flexible interior layout satisfy individual demands in terms of space and functionality. Cabinets, panels, mirrors and benches create a natural, distinctive furnishing style. Indirect lighting creates atmosphere and orientation.

W 226 cm
H 185 cm
39 cm

Combination no. 110

W 228 cm
H 196 cm
D 39 cm

Combination no. 104

W 210 cm
H 196 cm
D 39 cm

Combination no. 100

W 271 cm
H 207 cm
D 39 cm

Combination no. 114

2 x wardrobe hooks 1020
wall wardrobe 9011
wall shelf 1051
wall wardrobe 1050
wall wardrobe 5021
wall wardrobe 5023
wall lamp 1052
wardrobe tree 9062
stool with castors 3041

Combination no. 106

W 226 cm
H 207 cm
D 39 cm


Bench with plank 3128

W 118 | H 45 | D 39 cm

The bench with a brushed, edged plank is a highlight.

1 concrete pillar
1 runner, metal, anthracite
1 storage shelf, metal, anthracite

Wall mirror 5043

W 38,5 | H 104,5 | D 6 cm

The backlit mirror is functional and in terms of looks, a designer piece.
The back plate is made of concrete.

Wall wardrobe, left 5141

W 143,5 | H 85 | D 35 cm

Flexible Wandhaken stellen sich auf Veränderungen ein.
Flexible wall hooks adapt to changes. The back plate is made of concrete.

1 hat shelf
2 clothes rail
1 steel grid, anthracite
2 wardrobe hooks

Storage cabinet left 0101

W 93 | H 207 | D 39 cm

Functional thinking. The clothes rail in the wardrobe can be pulled out completely. Optional shelves create a shoe cabinet in no time at all.

2 wood doors
1 drawer
1 pull out clothes rail
1 concrete edging

Wall wardrobe 5023

W 20 | H 174 | 8 cm

Concrete back wall
1 foldable coat hook
4 coat hooks

Storage cabinet left 8093

W 93 | H 148 | D 39 cm

Storage cabinet with the possibility of being converted into a shoe cabinet
2 wood flaps
1 drawer (below)
1 concrete edging

Natural oak heartwood & concrete

Our natural oak heartwood exclusively consists of heartwood planks made from oak trunks as only this type of wood provides the desired, typical properties, such as heartwood splits and splay knots.

Oak heartwood is a traditional furniture wood. Light oak darkens slightly over the years and becomes more yellowish. This is hardly noticeable because the change happens so slowly.

Two layers of very matt UV water-based paint are applied to the intensively brushed wood. The surface is sanded down after every procedure. Wax is applied as the last layer.

The unique spatula technique creates an elegant and at the same time, fascinating concrete look: The concrete is applied by hand in thin layers, and then sanded and varnished. This gives it its unique tension and pleasing tactile experience.


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