Genuine oak heartwood with the design of a craftsman

Genuine wood and a discreet, clear design lend the Jon range its unique character. The high levels of material/processing quality of the solid oak heartwood make the furniture a long-lasting companion.

Genuine materials and a range that convinces with its design and functionality create a unique feeling of living.

Appealing individual items of furniture round off the range. Highboards and sideboards offer plenty of storage space and details, such as mirrored glass bases and distinctive end-grained wood applications transform them into something special.


Genuine and discreet

Genuine wood and a discreet, clear design lend the Jon range its unique character. The quality of materials and workmanship makes it a long-term companion.

JON Suggested combination 24:

Overall dimensions: W 311 | H 210 | D 44/24 cm
JON coffee table 0442: L 120 | W 80 | H 47 cm
JON highboard 6171: W 173 | H 117 | 44 cm

JON Suggested combination 26:

Overall dimensions: W 357 | H 197 | D 54/24 cm
JON coffee table 0442: L 120 | W 80 | H 47 cm
JON standing element 8101/8102: W 87 cm | H 155,5 cm | D 38 cm

Dining rooms

A large table and comfortable chairs

It's the ideal place to come together in a cosy atmosphere, have lively discussions and romantic evenings. It's also a place to do some craftwork, play games and work.

JON dining table

JON standing element 0071/0072: W 67 | H 210 | D 38 cm
JON dining table, pull out middle 0573: L 190 | W 95 | H 76 cm
Finja chair 0682/0683: The seating area can be moved in all
Combi 32: W 340 | H 210 | D 44/24 cm
Highboard 6171: W 173 | H 117 | D 44 cm

Functional furniture

Do you work from where you live?

The elegant bureau harmoniously integrates into your living space to allow you to simply hide the laptop under the practical flap once you have finished for the day.

JON coffee table 0442:

L 120 cm
W 80 cm
H 47 cm

Individual furniture

Elegant sideboards

They loosen up the room design and offer plenty of storage space. Details, such as the finely milled handles underline the perfect craftsmanship.

JON sideboard 4171

L 173 cm
H 78,5 cm
D 44 cm

Standing element 8101/8102

W 87 cm
H 155,5 cm
D 38 cm

Suspended element 8061/8062

W 57,5 cm
H 153,5 cm
D 38 cm

Home entertainment

Hidden cable routing

All plugs and cables disappear behind the handy cable shaft.


The charm of nature

Applications made of expressive, end-grained wood lend the range its particular and natural charm.

Soft edges

The skilfully softened edges ensure a soft feel.

Hand grips

Finely milled handles underline the perfectly crafted range.

Umato oak heartwood

For manufacturing our Umato heartwood oak surfaces, planks of wood are first selected from the heartwood area of the oak trunk. These heartwood planks depict typical characteristics, e.g. heartwood splits and splay knots. The assorted products are then stored before drying for several days in a special chamber where they pass through a smoking process. During this process, the wood is solid coloured and as a result, it gains an even dark colouring. The character of old oak logs emerges.

Oak heartwood is a traditional furniture wood. Umato oak heartwood gets slightly lighter with age. This is hardly noticeable because the change happens so slowly.

Two layers of very matt UV water-based paint are applied to the intensively brushed wood. The surface is sanded down after every procedure. Wax is applied as the last layer.


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