Exclusive design with wild nut

The desire to furnish and express oneself with an individual style takes priority. Nea offers a comprehensive, freely combinable living and dining room programme.

Innovatively fashioned with metal, Nea celebrates fine wild nut in all its original beauty. Anthracite-coloured offsets give it an atmospheric and inviting look. Living space that was once dreamt about becomes reality.

stylish and natural

the skill of a master craftsman

exceptional materials



A fine wood

The lively grain conveys a premium living experience. Rooms are given a natural appearance that radiates peace and warmth.

NEA Suggested combination 32

Overall dimensions:
W 311 cm | H 187 cm | 49 cm

Feet 1045:
W 12 cm | H 13 cm | D 41 cm

Suspended element 2131:
W 136 cm | H 35 cm | D 39 cm

Lowboard 3212:
W 210 cm | H 60 cm | D 49 cm

Wall panel 1199:
W 192 cm | H 19 cm | D 20 cm

NEA Suggested combination 28

Overall dimensions:
W 339 cm | H 206 cm | 45 cm

Suspended lowboard 2191:
W 192 cm | H 41 cm | D 44 cm

Column 0032:
W 36 cm | H 206 cm | D 36 cm

Mounted lowboard 2141:
W 147 cm | H 41 cm | D 44 cm

Wall panel 1199:
W 192 cm | H 19 cm | D 20 cm

Column 0033:
W 36 cm | H 206 cm | D 36 cm

natural pieces Side table 5160-1015:
W 27 cm | H 54 cm | D 27 cm

NEA Suggested combination 26

Overall dimensions:
W 312 cm | H 206 cm | 49 cm

Lowboard 3212:
W 210 cm | H 60 cm | D 49 cm

Suspended element 8033:
W 36 cm | H 134 cm | D 36 cm

Feet 1045:
W 12 cm | H 13 cm | D 41 cm

Suspended element 8036:
W 36 cm | H 134 cm | D 36 cm

Wall panel 1199:
W 192 cm | H 19 cm | D 20 cm

Dining rooms

For more flexibility and activity

For more flexibility: The dining table can easily be extended with a pull-out extension.

For more activity: Thanks to its elastic active springs the seat cushion is mobile in all directions and promotes active sitting. The double seam underlines the special, handcrafted and high-quality workmanship.

Individual furniture

Stylish furniture culture

The modern mix of materials makes Nea an exclusive furniture programme.

An eye-catcher in every interior

Suspended elements 8031 left:
W 36 cm | H 134 cm | D 36 cm

Suspended elements 8032 right:
W 36 cm | H 134 cm | T 36 cm

Highboard 6121 with metal feet 1045:
B 121 cm | H 128 cm | T 44 cm

Natural pieces wall clock 7160-1066:
W 35 cm | H 36 cm | D 7 cm

Harmonious balance

Sideboard 4181 with metal feet 1045:
W 181 cm | H 92 cm | D 44 cm

2 x Wall panel 1159:
W 154 cm | H 19 cm | D 20 cm


Trendfarbe Anthrazit

Anthrazitfarbene Korpuselemente umrahmen die Möbel elegant. Durch die gebeizte Eichenstruktur erreicht die Serie eine moderne Schlichtheit. Ausdrucksstarke Solisten erscheinen vollständig in der Trendfarbe Anthrazit.

NEA column 0033 & 0034

W 36 cm
H 206 cm
D 36 cm

Intelligent implementation: the suitcase door opens up for more depth of practical storage space.

NEA highboard 6121

W 121 cm
H 115 cm
D 44 cm

Stil-Element: Der Highboard-Riegel kreiert eine optische Tiefe. A strong design feature.

NEA feet 1045

W 12 cm
H 13 cm
D 41 cm

Skids made of anthracite-coloured metal give bases, sideboards and high-boards an elegant poise and a certain lightness.

NEA wall panel

W 154 cm
H 19 cm
D 20 cm

The panel made of anthracite coloured metal demonstrates its creative strength and contributes towards a modern wall design.

Solid wild nut

Hartmann uses is a specially selected American walnut. They are characterised by their strong natural characteristics, such as misshapen branches and cavities as well as cracks throughout the heartwood. These natural characteristics are selected on purpose to give the products a more aesthetic appeal.

Wild nut is a relatively hard wood with characteristically brown heartwood and contrasting, lighter sapwood. The heartwood tends to lighten up slightly as a result of an exposure to light, whereas the sapwood tends to darken slightly.

Two layers of very matt UV water-based paint are applied to the wood. The surface is sanded down after every procedure. Wax is applied as the last layer.

The intensive brushing highlights the special texture of the anthracite-painted oak wood.


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