Solid wild nut

Ethnic. American. Strong natural characteristics.

The wild nut tree is a special type of American walnut. They are characterised by their strong natural characteristics, such as misshapen branches and cavities as well as cracks throughout the heartwood. These natural characteristics are selected on purpose to give the products a more aesthetic appeal.

We treat the surface of the different types of wood with particular techniques (schematic representation).

Light irradiation
Wild nut is a relatively hard wood with characteristically brown heartwood and contrasting, lighter sapwood. The heartwood tends to lighten up slightly as a result of an exposure to light, whereas the sapwood tends to darken slightly.

Treatment that is specific to the wood
Two layers of very matt UV water-based paint are applied to the intensively brushed wood. The surface is sanded down after every procedure. Wax is applied as the last layer.



Exclusive design
Innovatively fashioned with metal, NEA celebrates fine wild nut in all its original beauty. Anthracite-coloured offsets give it an atmospheric and inviting look.

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