Unique items made of unique reef beech

Talis represents a modern, solid wood range made of unique reef beech featuring a brushed surfaces, timeless design, clever functionality and endless furnishing options. The columns of the wall unit are particularly striking and create the impression of a solid tree trunk.

Through sandblasting, we deeply penetrate the wood in order to intentionally expose its unique features and liveliness.

However, the clear design of the Talis range still emphasises its modern, straight-forward character and clever functions, such as the cable duct.


Unique reef beech

Talis represents a modern, solid wood range made of unique reef beech featuring a brushed surface. The columns of the living room wall create the impression of a solid tree trunk.

TALIS Suggested combination 29:

Overall dimensions: W 303 | H 208 | D 49/23 cm
TALIS coffee table 0446: L 105 | W 75 | D 46 cm
TALIS standing element 0055/0056: W 50 | H 206 | D 39 cm
TALIS room divider 2232: W 223 | H 73| D 49 cm

TALIS Suggested combination 24:

Overall dimensions: W 347,5 | H 206 | D 49/20 cm
TALIS coffee table 0434: L 125 | W 75 | D 44 cm
TALIS sideboard 4181: W 185 | H 81 | D 47 cm

TALIS Suggested combination no. 30:

Overall dimensions: W 339 | H 206 | D 49/23 cm
TALIS coffee table 0446: L 105 | W 75 | D 46 cm
TALIS sideboard 4185: W 185 | H 81 | D 49 cm
TALIS room divider 2236: W 223 | H 73 | D 49 cm

TALIS Suggested combination no. 20:

Overall dimensions: W 315 | H 206 | D 49/35 cm
TALIS coffee table 0446: L 105 | W 75 | D 46 cm
TALIS highboard 7115: W 122,5 | H 138,5 | D 39 cm

TALIS Suggested combination no. 32:

Overall dimensions: W 337,5 | H 185| D 49/23 cm
TALIS sideboard 4181: L 185 | W 81 | D 49 cm

Dining rooms

Sit, eat, drink and talk

An evening meal together is a ritual worth preserving. The best place to do so is at a large, durable, wooden table that doesn't grow old as the years go by, but becomes even more beautiful.

Functional furniture

An inconspicuous office

The bureau creates a home office that perfectly matches other items of furniture.

TALIS room divider 2232 + feet 1044:

W 223 cm
H 73 cm
D 49 cm

TALIS coffee table 0434

L 125 cm
H 75 cm
D 44 cm
Special feature: The wooden panel can be rotated

TALIS coffee table 0446

L 105 cm
H 75 cm
D 46 cm
Special feature: Integrated drawer

Individual furniture


Behind the doors and drawers of our sideboard, there is plenty of hidden practical storage space In addition, they loosen up the room design.

TALIS standing element 7081/7082

W 74,5 cm
H 138,5 cm
D 39 cm

TALIS highboard 7115

L 122,5 cm
W 138,5 cm
H 39 cm

TALIS sideboard 4181

W 185 cm
H 81 cm
D 49 cm

Home entertainment

Hidden cable routing

An end to tangled cables: All plugs and cables disappear behind the handy cable shaft.


Brushed reef beech

Reef beech is a unique type of wood. Individual cracks and features make each item of furniture unique.

How do rear wall panels become eye catchers?

By producing them from a unique, lively type of wood and highlighting them with LED lights This brings out the natural characteristics of reef beech.

TALIS Wandpaneel 5202

W 204 cm
H 38,5 cm
D 23 cm

Solid reef beech

For reef beech, we exclusively use heartwood planks from the heart of the beech trunk with partially truncated piths. With their brown-coloured edges and intergrown splay knots, these open piths that have cracked during drying dominate the character of this unique type of wood.

Reef beech is hardwood with a tendency to "warp" slightly, even after having been professionally processed. Surfaces remain relatively stable in colour, but may develop a more yellow shade depending on the light intensity.

The sandblasted wood is initially brushed by hand to smoothen out and sand down splinters and excessively rough areas. Another step involves several layers of water-based varnish being applied in a way that is barely visible, but protects the wood from external influences The wax coating is applied as a finish and ensures a velvety, matt gloss.


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