Hartmann: The company

Beelen-based Hartmann Möbelwerke are among Germany's leading manufacturers of solid wood furniture.

In compliance with DIN 68871 Hartmann Möbelwerke manufacturers ranges of furniture from solid wood. Hartmann Möbelwerke are specialists in the implementation of perfect, technical solutions in the field of

modern furniture design

complicated details

intelligent functional solutions

Hartmann - brand statement

We are a furniture factory for the whole of Europe.
And at home in Germany's Münsterland.

We are deeply rooted in our homeland and nature. And when it comes to quality, we have been knocking on wood for three generations.

We are furniture makers with rough edges and a community that creates great things together.

We speak more than five languages
and our carpentry workshop is a peaceful place.

We don't wax lyrical for our customers, but we do wax solid wood.
And where there's a plane, there's a way to put the spotlight on natural furniture for our customers.

We handle every single piece of wood at least four times, because our unique pieces can only be created with a sure instinct and love of detail.

We always take nature into consideration during production and give something back to it:

We plant a new tree for every one felled and thus
secure the basis of life for future generations.

We put all of our energy into climate protection and
our photovoltaic system helps us harness the power of the sun.

We are not sentimental, but thanks to our recycling
system, no one needs to or can compete with us.

We use all our waste wood to heat our production facilities and also ensure a pleasant atmosphere within your four walls.

We are the furniture factory that invites the forest in.
We are Hartmann - recommended by nature.

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What does DIN 68871 mean?

The only pieces of furniture that are allowed to bear this designation are those where all the wooden parts, except rear walls, drawer frames and drawer bottoms are made of solid wood. Only well-sorted lamellas in different thicknesses and lengths are processed into laminated wood panels. The characteristics and the uniqueness of wood, the natural raw material, are preserved.

The production of high-grade furniture requires specialist design and processing methods that are geared towards solid wood. This is guaranteed by our solid wood specialists through years of experience. The carefully constructed surface protects the furniture, making it more beautiful and expressive. The typical matt/silk gloss is produced by preparing the surface using several complex steps.

For the increasingly customised market, Hartmann places an emphasis on flexibility when it comes to special customer requirements. Special system-based designs and CAD planning support have now become part of everyday business.

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