Natural reserve

Whoever deals with wood, is familiar with term 'sustainability'

The solid wood that is used by us comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests. This is how we ensure that our livelihoods are maintained for future generations. Valuable resources, such as wood, the raw material in our case, are protected from exploitation. As such, as much wood can be cut down as it as grows.

We do not use exotic wood

All our wood come from Central European or North American forests. For example, we support forestry, which has been subject to sustainable management for decades.

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Tree planting campaign

As a woodworking company, we are conscious of our responsibility for the environment and future generations. That is why we plant a new tree in the Thuringian community of Auengrund for every one we use in production. This means around 7,000 trees per year.

Not enough? We don't think so either.
Help us to plant a piece of the future by buying a piece of furniture from Hartmann Möbelwerke, in order to preserve our natural habitat.

Sustainable production steps

Timeless design

As early as in the design of our products, we focus on durability, creating unique pieces that you want to keep for a lifetime.

Generating solar power

We generate our own electricity with more than 5,000 photovoltaic modules and thus save more than 700 tons of CO2 every year.

Thermal waste-wood recycling

We use waste wood to heat our production shops and thus avoid about 950 tons of CO2 every year.

Water treatment

We plan to build a recycling system to ensure sustainable groundwater use.

Water-based varnish

We use a specially developed water-based varnish to protect the surfaces of our solid wood furniture as well as nature.

Sustainable forestry

We obtain our wood from sustainably managed forests, in which only as much is cleared as can grow back.

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