Active sitting - made by Hartmann

Back problems? Here's the solution!

Today, the dining area is the communication area of the apartment. People often sit here for hours, with family and friends. It's good that our new chairs are so comfortable, you won't want to get up again. And, secondly, they help you and your back to stay fit.

The seating area can be moved in all directions

Active sitting promotes your health

Your back muscles are trained

The movements relieve your invertebral discs

Blood circulation is improved

Your back is spared

And as a result, your back stays fit

3D suspension for three-dimensional movements

The three-dimensional seat is movable in all directions and the elastic active suspension promotes active sitting Just like a gymnastic ball, this function keeps you constantly moving, thus relieving the intervertebral discs and improving blood circulation. In addition, the micro-movements train your back muscles, thereby preventing posture-related damage and protecting your back.

Increased concentration and efficiency

The swinging movements promote concentration and maintain performance. As a result, attention is kept for a longer period of time during intense discussions.

Design, ergonomics and comfort

This chair convinces the user as a result of its elegant design. It offers a valuable ergonomic benefit and meets the highest comfort requirements.

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