Solid reef beech

A unique type of wood with an individual look

For reef beech, we exclusively use heartwood planks from the heart of the beech trunk with partially truncated piths. With their brown-coloured edges and intergrown splay knots, these open piths that have cracked during drying dominate the character of this unique type of wood.

We treat the surface of the different types of wood with particular techniques (schematic representation).

Light irradiation
Reef beech is hardwood with a tendency to "warp" slightly, even after having been professionally processed Surfaces remain relatively stable in colour, but may develop a more yellow shade depending on the light intensity.

Wood-specific treatment
The sandblasted wood is initially brushed by hand to smoothen out and sand down splinters and excessively rough areas. Another step involves several layers of water-based varnish being applied in a way that is barely visible, but protects the wood from external influences The wax coating is applied as a finish and ensures a velvety, matt gloss.


Unique, one of a kind furniture
Talis represents a modern, solid wood range made of unique reef beech featuring a brushed surfaces, timeless design, clever functionality and endless furnishing options.

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