Protection against external influences

Hartmann furniture is protected against external influences and damage using special processes. The wood used is treated depending on the type of wood, e.g. by means of special manual brushing or multi-layered water-based paint which is virtually invisible and a layer of wax that carves out the structure of the wood.

We treat the surface of the different types of wood with particular techniques (schematic representation).

Wood-specific treatments

We apply different surfaces to our different types of wood. The desired optical effect and the intended use determine the type of surface.

Wild oak / Umato oak heartwood / Natural oak heartwood / Wild nut
Two layers of very matt UV water-based paint are applied to the intensively brushed wood. The surface is sanded down after every procedure. Wax is applied as the last layer.

Reef beech
The sandblasted wood is initially brushed by hand to smoothen out and sand down splinters and excessively rough areas. Another step involves several layers of water varnish being applied in a way that is barely visible, but that protects the wood from external influences. The wax coating is applied as a finish and ensures a velvety, matt gloss.

Processed timber for furniture construction

The following timber is used for the production of our furniture

We use paints and wax types in compliance with the strict requirements set out as part of the EN 71-3 and DIN 53160 standards. As a result, the surfaces are harmless to health.

Varnishes and waxes

According to their intended use, the surfaces are made up of the following components:

Binders for gloss, hardness etc.

Pigments for colouring

Solvent for processing

Auxiliary media for levelling and hardening

In its book "Buying furniture", the German consumer testing institute "Stiftung Warentest" describes the properties of our furniture coating systems as follows:

Natural resin varnish
Dries slowly. Pliant, elastic surface. Breathable.

Water-based UV-varnishes
Very quick to dry. Thick, resistant varnish film.

Very natural effect of the wood, easy to repair, low resistance.

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