Warranty and guarantee


In the event of a complaint, your point of contact should always be the furniture retailer from whom you purchased the product.


All documents concerning the purchase of the furniture should be kept carefully, even beyond the warranty period of two years. This makes it easier for you to provide accurate information about the model name, year of production, etc. This information is important if replacement or supplementary parts are required at a later date.

Scope of the warranty

Our 2-year warranty relates to the material and finish quality, the function of the moving parts, and the professional workmanship of the product. An obligatory part of our guarantee is the assembly of the furniture by authorized specialist fitters in compliance with our specifications and according to the assembly instructions. Particular importance is attached to careful horizontal and vertical alignment of the furniture. A lack of alignment hinders or prevents perfect adjustment and alignment of doors and drawers. For safety reasons, all anti-tip protections, locks and fastenings must be fitted. No liability is assumed in the event of consequential damage due to self-assembly or failure to observe the installation instructions.


Special loads, e.g heavy weights, should be taken into account early on during the planning stage.

The following are not covered by the warranty and guarantee:

Damage caused to customers through natural wear and tear, normal usage, other environmental influences e.g. extreme dryness or moisture, temperature, light, the impact of weather, improper handling, willful destruction, misuse, transport-related and accidental damage or the overloading of individual furniture components.

The improper treatment of surfaces using unsuitable detergents or polishing agents as well as own repairs and attempts at making repairs will render the warranty void.

The warranty is restricted to new goods from the date of delivery to the customer.

The warranty does not apply to exhibited items that have already been assembled.

You may only make a claim on the warranty for the item which is complained about and not for the entire scope of delivery: The claim may include remediation of the defect.

Warranty services are generally provided by the dealer and are only provided upon presentation of the purchase contract.

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