Solid wood furniture from Hartmann

Furniture programs made from pure natural wood


Modern living concepts with unusual, multifunctional living room elements made of solid wood.


This is where you get together with the family and good friends. Everyday or when there's something to celebrate.


Come in. At first glance: Structure and order. Refined and appealing in terms of design.

Coffee tables

For the perfect evening. Elegant design and storage space for little secrets.

The Hartmann Furniture factories

Today, with over 100 years of experience in the construction of innovative furniture, Hartmann is one of the leading manufacturers of solid wood furniture. Hartmann is a specialist in the implementation of perfect technical solutions in the field of modern furniture design, elaborate details and extraordinary functional solutions. The production of high-grade furniture requires specialist design and processing methods that are geared towards solid wood. This is guaranteed by our solid wood specialists through years of experience.

A genuinely natural product

Each piece is unique

Solid wood is a true natural product, each piece is unique in terms of its structure and colour. Fine branches, cracks, intergrown areas and merging structures underline the materials' authenticity. Characterized by the location of the tree as well as the weather and soil conditions, each piece of solid wood is a genuine, unique product of nature. Solid wood has a pleasant feel - it feels good, it has a pleasant smell and it imparts a healthy living environment.


Modern technology and the expertise of craftsmen: With furniture from Hartmann, you have made a decision to buy a quality product, produced in Germany. This is where the experience gained in over 3 generations is implemented.

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