Solid wood as a natural product

A great choice

Solid wood is a true natural product, each piece is unique in terms of its structure and colour. Fine branches, cracks, intergrown areas and merging structures underline the materials' authenticity. Characterised by the location of the tree as well as the weather and soil conditions, each piece of solid wood is a genuine, unique product of nature. Solid wood has a pleasant feel - it feels good, it has a pleasant smell and it imparts a healthy living environment. Solid wood furniture creates an ideal living atmosphere. The material has antibacterial properties and prevents electrostatic dust charges. It helps counteract allergies, contains no harmful substances and is a natural product. Our raw material, wood, comes exclusively from sustainably managed forestry. Our solid wood furniture ensures the best possible indoor atmosphere, is good for allergy sufferers, pollutant-free and natural.

The impact of the surrounding environment

Very dry air in rooms causes both stress for you and your solid wood furniture.
The medical profession and academics recommend a relative air humidity of between 45% und 55% for centrally heated living rooms. The corresponding wood moisture for this living room environment is 7% to 9% moisture content in the wood. As long as the humidity in this area moves, the wood will hardly shrink or swell. Due to the special nature of the design, the piece of furniture can compensate for fluctuations in the humidity and the associated shrinkage or swelling. Only extreme deviations over a longer period lead to cracks and warping. There is a risk that relative humidity will drop sharply due to heating, especially in winter. You can counteract this however, e.g. by watering indoor plants or by evaporating water from containers that are provided for this purpose.

Damp in new buildings
The walls of new buildings are often very damp directly after completion. In order to prevent moisture from accumulating behind the furniture, you should move the furniture at least 10 mm away from the wall to begin with and ventilate the room a lot. This way, you avoid the warpage of furniture.

Light irradiation

Light changes wood
Light irradiation and aging change the colour of the wood. In particular, sunlight leads to changes over several years. At the same time, types of timber react differently. Try to protect your furniture from strong, direct sunlight. This way, colours stay their original shade for longer. But even aged wood, matured in colour, has its own charm.

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