Create highlights with modern LED lighting

Many of our pieces of furniture are equipped with the latest LED lighting. This put a piece of furniture in the limelight. A warm light, which optimally illuminates natural solid wood furniture, creates emotions and gives a pleasant living environment.

Perfectly highlighted furniture!

LED is the abbreviation for "light emitting diode". This LED is made up of semiconductors that directly converts electricity into light. For this reason, an LED lamp is not as hot as a conventional bulb. The light bulb, however, developed by Thomas Alva Edison in 1879, provides light through the intense heating of the tungsten wire.


Information concerning LEDs

LED service life 24h/day 8h/day 4 h/day
20.000 h/80% 2,2 years 6,8 years 13,6 years
30.000 h/70% 3,4 years 10,3 years 20,5 years
50.000 h/50% 5,7 years 17,1 years 34,2 years

LED - advantages at a glance

  • With 50,000 hours, the service life is approx. 20 times that of conventional bulbs
  • Savings are also made with the replacement of bulbs
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption
  • Low level of heat development
  • UV rays are not emitted
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Less glare
  • No humming noises
  • Various types available
  • All RGB colours are possible

LED - sales arguments

  • Extremely long service life
  • No expensive exchange is needed
  • Shatterproof and vibration resistant
  • No UV / IR radiation / Pleasant light / Pictures, furniture, textiles remain colourfast.
  • A large range of colours is possible
  • Environmentally friendly / A long service life means less waste
  • Less CO2 output through lower energy consumption
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