Customized production

Custom-fit furniture for your home

Individuality based on customer requirements. Customized production for all ranges.

Individual production

For the increasingly customized market, Hartmann places an emphasis on flexibility when it comes to special customer requirements. For dealers, special system-based designs and CAD planning support have now become part of everyday business. Even in the case of complex living room combinations involving customized production, our planning team will be your competent partner and will work with you to develop optimum solutions.

Other customized production? Ask us!
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Adjust widths, heights etc.

Shorten widths/heights/depths, special depths, etc. for types of body

Restriction: Drawers do not work in the case of a reduced depth.


Shorten a width

Shorten a height

Shorten a depth


Shorten a width

Shorten a height

Shorten a depth

Room devider

Elements from the rear (front view)

Elements from the rear (solid wood)

Drawers (rear view), as decoration.


Width/Height/Depth shortening is possible as well as extensions to the depth.

Based on useful depth.

Special depths


Information material

Other customized production

Flap instead of a pull-out in the bottom part

Wooden shelf instead of a glass shelf in the display cabinet

Drop flap writing surface between standing elements for each sqm.

Front material per sqm.

Additional glass base in the display cabinet

Recess back panel (per sqm.) incl. installation

Fabric section

Cable access for base units or panels

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