Other materials

How unique pieces of furniture are created!

In combination with exciting materials such as individual end grain wood slices, real tree bark, split wood surfaces and different types of glass, our solid wood furniture achieves even greater value. Crafted by hand, this is where unique items are created that will make your home decor even more individual.


The unique spatula technique creates an elegant and at the same time fascinating concrete look: the concrete is applied by hand in thin layers, and then sanded and varnished. This gives it its unique tension and pleasing tactile experience. Typical product irregularities, depressions, crater structures and slight hairline cracks make every concrete block unique.


The bark is sawn off the entire tree trunk. As such, this furniture is made with a complete part of the tree.

Thanks to strict thermal treatment (in accordance with the IPPC standard) you can be sure that the wood is completely free of wood pests.


The anthracite-colored metal elements we use are powder-coated using a special manufacturing process and meet the strict requirements set by our quality standards.

End grain

The end grain comes from the heart of the trunk and tells the story of the tree. The wood cut across the fibre impresses as a result of the circular annual rings.. The natural fading and swelling creates individual cracks that make each piece of furniture unique.


The full surface etching of the SATINATO gives the glass a milky-cloudy, rough appearance. Due to the special refractive nature of the surface structure, SATINATO is a popular design element of modern and contemporary architecture. SATINATO has the same mechanical and thermal properties as normal float glass. It offers reliable privacy.

Parsol glass

Parsol glass gets its colour during the melting process through the admixture of iron oxide. Parsol glass absorbs a part of the sunlight and as such, it prevents the penetration of light that is too strong into the room and/or onto furniture. In its bronze colour, its appearance is very impressive and gives the high-quality furniture a warm and smooth and soft look.


Through sandblasting, we deeply penetrate the wood in order to intentionally expose its unique features and liveliness. The surface of the wood is sandblasted by hand. This creates a relief made up of the hard and soft parts of the age rings, similar to how it is with natural wood which is exposed to sand and wind. The area heavily roughed up by sandblasting is then brushed by hand to smoothen out and polish any splinters and rough patches.

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