Solid wood furniture based on fine tradition

1911 - The start

The origin of Hartmann Möbelwerke
The company's origins go back to the foundation year 1911. On the site where the administration building now stands, Bernhard Hartmann built a carpenter's workshop. The typical business of these early years revolved around carpentry work of various kinds for the local region. By the thirties, the company was already specialising in the production of furniture. Bedroom furniture and living room furniture are made in small batches and delivered to furniture retailers. Now, the catchment area extended to the Ruhr area. Independent sales agents, on motorbikes sold the products in the Münsterland/northern Ruhr area. At the start of the Second World War, the company employed around 15 people. During the war years, production almost came to a standstill, as almost all the young journeymen were called up for the Wehrmacht. But with the end of the war and the introduction of the D-Mark, there was a rapid rise in demand for furniture.

50's - 80's

Optimism creates growth in furniture production
Supported by the eldest son Bernhard Theodor Hartmann, b. 1926, the reorganisation and expansion of the company began. Carried by the spirit of optimism of the early 1950's, and driven by the dynamism of the young boss, the company now increasingly thought and acted on an industrial scale. In the sixties, he started to market furniture nationwide. From 1967 onwards, the Cologne furniture fair became the most important trade fair for the company. In the meantime, dealerships had been established over the whole of Germany. In the period between 1965 and 1980 large, new halls were built. Today, these comprise an area covering approx. 22,000 square metres. At the end of the 70's, in peak periods, up to 250 staff were employed at the factor in Beelen.

The second half of the 80's

Cheap imports threaten the market
The second half of the 80's is characterised by economic difficulties for the company. The market for rustic, German period furniture, which the company specialised in during the 70s, had now declined and was also threatened by an increased volume of cheap imports from Eastern Europe. Declines in sales, short-time working and job cuts characterised the 1980's. During this period, Bernhard Heinrich Hartmann, the current owner, entered the company and the management team. 90's up until today

90's up until today

Hartmann successfully established itself in the field of solid organic furniture.
At the start of the 1990's, thanks to innovative sales staff, the company was able to reposition itself in the market. The market for solid organic furniture was created and the Hartmann has been able to successfully establish itself in this niche. In 1995, the company entered into business with a subsidiary in Poland, which took over the supply of glued wood panels from the parent plant. Today, about 60% of the glued wood panels and prefabricated components are produced there.

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