Quality which you can recognize

Experience the skill of a master craftsman

With furniture from Hartmann, you have made a decision to buy a quality product, produced in Germany, by one of Europe's leading specialists in solid wood furniture. The experience that has been gained over three generations in handling solid wood goes into the design and manufacturing of your furniture. Using state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship, we manufacture products for you that are permitted to bear the designation "solid wood furniture" in accordance with the German DIN standard 68871.

Handle design

Individually designed handles. The sophisticated design of our products also includes the design of special handles. Whether metal, wood or these two materials in combination, high-quality design elements characterise the appearance of the pieces of furniture. They are not mass-produced and can only be found in the respective Hartmann ranges.

Drawer pull out

The drawers are guided on precise, ball-bearing mounted pull-out rails. The systems have a built-in height adjustment mechanism, which allows for easy adjustment of the drawers after assembling the furniture. All models are equipped with hydraulic stop dampers.

Retaining ledges

Due to the special nature of the design, the piece of furniture can absorb fluctuations in humidity and the associated shrinkage or swelling. The solid retaining ledges prevent this process and to a great extent, allow every door to be in a straight line. The screw cover also shows the craftsmanship of Hartmann Möbelwerke.

LED panel lighting

Very effective: With "invisible" LED panel lighting. For the use of effect lighting and lighting for a purpose there are even more possibilities to place light on, under or on the furniture. Within the ranges, we offer a large selection of designer lamps.

Metal fittings technology

Nickel metal hinges. Solid wood is a heavy material. Stable hinges are therefore particularly important for the long service life of the products. We exclusively use quality products from leading hinge manufacturers from Germany, Austria and Italy. The latest generation door hinge has an integrated, deactivatable door-stop damper.

Drawer frames

For some models, solid drawer frames are used. The details of a craftsman, such as the finely tapered frame profiles or the drawer bottoms with a grained leather look are the expression of finest work in the field of furniture construction.

Split wood highlights

When the wood splits, it more or less cracks, depending on the growth and structuring. It creates irregular structures, similar to the splitting of firewood. After splitting, the wood is split into small planks, re-glued at random, and then brushed. A little work of art.

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