Metal fittings for furniture

Individual solutions for every piece of furniture

Metal fittings allow a piece of furniture to be opened and/or closed, e.g. a cabinet door or drawer. Furthermore, hinges allow for doors to be oriented in all directions. Among other things, metal fittings include handles, furniture strips and hinges. Depending on the application, connecting fittings, drawer guiderails and various cover caps etc can be made from metal, plastic or wood. Through the use of different metal fittings, we offer individual solutions for every piece of furniture.

Drawer guiderails

All larger drawers run on ball-bearing mounted, concealed metal pull-out rails, which are low-wear and maintenance-free. If necessary, the height of the drawer can be readjusted with the aid of the adjusting mechanism. To remove a drawer, the safety bolts first have to be removed.

A = Height adjustment
B = Safety bolts


All hinges are precision components. They are maintenance free. Moving the parts may loosen the fixing or adjusting screws. As soon as you notice this, the screws must be tightened again. If this is missed, there is a risk that a door will fall out. Hinges allow doors to be oriented in all directions.

A = Height adjustment, entire door higher or lower
B = Distance of the closed door from the corpus
C = Orientation of the closed door from the corpus, distance of the door to the side or the next door

Wall fitting

The load capacity of wall mounting largely depends on the strength of the masonry. Our data refers to the conditions for a brick-built limestone wall.

Lower wall strength = Lower load capacity
If a higher load capacity is desired, it is possible with special accessories. In individual cases, this must be clarified with the manufacturer.

Lower shelves

When installing your new modular wall unit, you should make sure that the load limits (based on the following table) are not exceeded. The values refer to a uniform weight distribution on the supporting surface. The limit values only apply to professional installation. Exceeding the limits will render the warranty void and lead to the loss of liability.

Wooden shelf = 0.5 kg /cm wide
Glass shelf = 0.2 kg /cm wide
Wooden window shelf = 0.5 kg /cm wide

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