RUNA wardrobes

The perfect entrance - modern and cosy

Runa impresses as a result of its impressive architecture and the special blend of materials. This is where natural heartwood oak meets real tree bark and cool metal. This, together with the impressive LED lighting, creates a special atmosphere that will certainly attract everyone's attention.

Expressive, solid wood furniture with rough surfaces and typical wood features are all the rage. The modern, straight-forward design of the range represents an exciting contrast.

One range - so many possibilities

Furniture with character - unique

Rear walls made from real bark



Kombination Nr. 115

Eine Garderobe ist noch lange nicht nur eine Garderobe. Ob praktische Lösung oder wohnlicher Designanspruch, großes Entree oder kleine Nische – unsere Möbel passen sich unterschiedlichsten Bedürfnissen an.

Sie sind sowohl als Einzelmöbel als auch in Kombination garantiert ein echter Hingucker.

Combination No. 100

B 214 cm
H 208 cm
T 39/41 cm

Stauraumschrank li. 0091
B 88,5 cm
H 196 cm
T 39 cm

Combination no. 106

W 230 cm
H 196 cm
D 39/41 cm

Combination no. 112

Even the smallest corridor is turned into a storage space wonder with Runa. Whether jackets, shoes or keys, clever storage solutions make sure that everything is in the right place. This helps create a well organised room that you are happy to enter.

W 177 cm
H 196 cm
D 39 cm

Combination no. 104

W 217 cm
H 196 cm
D 39/41 cm


Wall wardrobe 1050

With a metal base and wardrobe hook in anthracite

W 28 cm
H 32 cm
D 32 cm

Key hook

The shelf element is optionally available with key hooks.

Mirror cabinet 0111

Never again spend valuable time looking for a key. Key rings and other important gear can be kept within reach in this practical mirror cabinet. Also available with lighting, a power socket and a USB charging station as options.

W 108 cm
H 206 cm
D 39 cm

Seat bench 3125 (material)

W 118 cm
H 50 cm
D 41 cm

Seat bench 3081 (material)

The stool hides as a practical storage space under the upholstered seat with a soft-close function. An extra shelf also provides additional space.

W 79,5 cm
H 48,5 cm
D 41 cm

Shelf element 0112

The drawers are laid out with leather and open by means of a push-to-open function.

Application (bark)
2 frames (metal anthracite)
4 base elements (metal anthracite)
1 drawer

W 108 cm
H 206 cm
D 39 cm

Wall wardrobe 5021

Rear wall Reef oak
1 foldable coat hook
4 coat hooks

W 20 cm
H 174 cm
D 6 cm

Natural oak heartwood

Our natural oak heartwood exclusively consists of heartwood planks made from oak trunks as only this type of wood provides the desired, typical properties, such as heartwood splits and splay knots.

Oak heartwood is a traditional furniture wood. Light oak darkens slightly over the years and becomes more yellowish. This is hardly noticeable because the change happens so slowly.

Two layers of very matt UV water-based paint are applied to the intensively brushed wood. The surface is sanded down after every procedure. Wax is applied as the last layer.

The bark is sawn off the entire tree trunk. As such, this furniture is made with a complete part of the tree. Thanks to a strict thermal treatment (in accordance with the IPPC standard) you can be sure that the wood is completely free of wood pests.

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